Welcome New Members
WELCOME New Member to the Good News Baptist Church! We believe
unequivocally that God sends persons to this church to build upon its ministry, so we
say thank you for allowing the Spirit of God to lead you in joining in fellowship with
baptized believers in Jesus Christ.

New Member Orientation is a series of training sessions designed to acquaint you
with the basic Christian & Baptist Doctrine as practiced by Good News Baptist
Church. The New Member’s Class is conducted each Sunday Morning at 9:30 a.m.
This orientation guides the new Christian or member into a clear understanding of the
basics of our faith.

The value of each member cannot be measured, for we see ourselves as members of
one Body, the Body of Jesus Christ. We hope to provide each new member with
orientation so that you, without difficulty, will find and know your place in the body of
Christ and know your function to the glory of God.

More specifically, we hope:
**To give each new member a feeling of acceptance as a member with equal  

**To help each new member to understand God’s single plan of salvation
and know for certain that he/she is saved.

**To help each new member to understand the reality of sin, the presence of
sinful nature and how to appreciate God’s provision of forgiveness.

**To help each new member understand what it means to be a disciple of
Jesus Christ.

**To help each new member to know the fundamental doctrines of the
Baptist Church and its Ordinances.

**To instruct new members on the basic responsibilities of Church

**To help each new member to understand and accept his/her responsibility
as a steward over your God given resources of time, talents, and tithes.

As you begin your new journey as a member of Good News Baptist Church, be
aware that satan will seek to halt your study and Christian growth. Ask God to give
you strength to continue and complete your New Member Orientation.

May God bless you!
Candidates for Baptism (please click here)